Posting Food Reviews on YouTube

Online/Remote Position

Posting Food Reviews on YouTube


$750 per week

Do you like watching delicious food reviews on youtube? Everyone loves it. We all have a subtle instinct deep inside our DNA that attracts us to delicious foods. And that’s why people enjoy watching food reviews on YouTube. 

But what if you get paid for this? Well, that’s what this job is all about. Read all the details below.

What you will be doing

A travel blogger and a passionate foodie who owns a YouTube channel on which she posts food reviews by trying out different foods from various countries in the world. She has to post a video every other day.

But due to her nomadic lifestyle, she can’t be able to post them on time. And that’s why she’s hiring three ordinary folks who can work remotely and manage posting content on her YouTube channel. 

 You have to download premade videos that she’ll provide you through emails; after that, you have to post that video on her YouTube channel by adding a premade title and description.


Social Media Job

Now, posting premade videos on YouTube is quite a simple job, but responsibility and dependability are expected from you to qualify for this job. 


$750 per week

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Talking about working gear, you need reliable internet access and a simple device like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

No previous experience is needed. That’s because complete training will be provided to you initially, covering everything from downloading videos to putting the correct tags.

Today, we need 3 ordinary folks users.

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